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WEEE comes into force for PV modules in France

End-o f-life management becomes a legal obligation for French PV industry. Source / Read More:: WEEE comes into force for PV modules in France..more

US Energy Secretary Tours 6.4-MW Rooftop Solar Array in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – With more than 20,000 panels, the largest rooftop solar array in the U.S. (second largest in the world behind a 7.52-MW installation in Punjab, India) is about to be commis..more

The 51st State: What’s Your Ideal Energy Market?

LAS VEGAS – Imagine a place where there is no electricity market. No rules, no policies, no market. A clean slate. This is what the Solar Energy Power Association (SEPA) calls the 51st..more

Fracking Threatens Millions of Californians

A new report shows that 5.4 million Californians—more than 14 percent of its 38.3 million population—live within a mile of an oil or gas well, and almost four million of those, o..more

How ‘Fill Her Up’ Buys Elections

When you last filled up your gas tank, you may have thought about where the oil came from. Today let’s think about where the money you paid went. Some of it, indeed, went to the salar..more

Sustainability Takes Center Stage

“Environmentally friendly,” “green,” “sustainable” — these words have become ubiquitous, plastered on products from handbags to home décor an..more

Environment Draws Unprecedented Midterm Campaign Spending

In the past, the environment, energy and climate change have been nearly invisible as issues in political campaigns. They were never mentioned in the 2012 presidential debates. With polls sh..more

New Poll: New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Support Fracking Moratorium — And Clean Energy

Last month, NRDC engaged a nationally recognized opinion research firm to conduct polling in New York State to evaluate public attitudes about fracking and clean energy. Importantly, this is..more

Trending Topics in Electricity Today: The Value of Demand Response

After the D.C. Circuit Court’s invalidation of FERC Order 745, how can we pay for demand response? “Demand response” happens when electricity customers change consumption p..more

A Tale of Two Booths: SPI Solar Event Marketing Hits and Misses, Part 1

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” so Charles Dickens wrote, and the same might be said for Enphase and RECOM, two solar exhibitors that were across the aisl..more
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Cyprus needs to redouble efforts CYPRUS needs to redouble its efforts to put its adjustment programme back on track after ... IMF Executive Director for Cyprus, Menno Snel, in statements ... force—underpinned by long-term demographic trends—and education-led ... #green #energy #cyprus Source: LED Cyprus ..more
led the ... break coupled with the pause in the Cypriot first division last weekend. #green #energy #cyprus Source: LED Cyprus ..more
Cypriot president hospitalized in Brussels ahead of EU summit By Alexandra Mayer ... Brussels (dpa) - Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades has been ... survey would take place, prompting Anastasiades to pull out of UN-led peace talks. #green #energy #cyprus Source: LED Cyprus ..more
Cyprus' ... strategies would all result in a reduced need for workers on renewable contracts. #green #energy #cyprus Source: Biogas Cyprus ..more
C warns Italy planning 'deviation from adjustment' Katainen highlights small reduction in structural deficit #green #energy #cyprus Source: AnsaMed News ..more
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