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10 reasons that reindeer are the coolest animals in the Arctic

1. Their antlers are velvety fingerprints Reindeer antlers are bony appendages that grow every year. The antlers grow quickly – up to 2 cm per day – in a blood-supply-rich mater..more

EPA’s First-Ever Coal Ash Rules ‘Do Not Go Far Enough to Protect Families’

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today the first-ever federal coal ash regulations offering communities some tools to deal with the toxic residue from coal-burni..more

Researchers Developing Affordable Flow Battery Technology

The wind and sun can produce great amounts of power, but it can usually only be harnessed when it’s windy and the sun is shining. Researchers at Grand Valley State University and Ann A..more

Why the Lima Climate Talks Sucked for Women and Indigenous People

As a credentialed observer inside the COP20 in Lima last week, I was bored to tears. Endless speeches. Panel discussions in dark rooms. Men in expensive suits. My colleague Nnimmo Bassey, a..more

World’s Biggest Car Company Says No to Gasoline, Yes to Hydrogen

Just as the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has begun to seem like a real possibility, the head of Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, is already projecting moving be..more

Germany to Help Finance Chile’s First Solar-Thermal Power Plant

German state-owned bank KfW will advance a 100 million-euro ($123-million) loan for the 110-megawatt plant being built by a unit of Spain’s Abengoa SA, the lender said today in an e-ma..more

Monumental Growth of Crude-by-Rail Ignites Communities to Fight Back

Ed Ruszel’s workday is a soundtrack of whirling, banging, screeching—the percussion of wood being cut, sanded and finished. He’s the facility manager for the family busines..more

Illinois Solar Gets Closer to Game Time

The Illinois solar market is marching ahead to an eventful 2015.  Recent action on the Supplemental Procurement Plan means solar energy system owners should look for the Illinois SREC m..more

RFK, Jr. and Josh Fox Chime in on New York Fracking Ban Victory

Last night on Thom Hartmann‘s Best of the Rest of the News, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., president of Waterkeeper Alliance, and Thomas Linzey, co-Founder of the C ommunity Legal Defense Fun..more

Transforming the Grid with Clean Energy — Reliably — Every Day

Despite years of successful experience, dozens of studies, and increasing utility support for clean energy, urban myth holds that electricity from renewable energy is unreliable. Yet over 75..more
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Source: Public Library of ScienceCountry: Sierra Leone AUTHORS Håkon Angell Bolkan Donald Alpha Bash-Taqi Mohammed Samai Martin Gerdin Johan von Schreeb ABSTRACT Background: The indirect effects of the Ebola epidemic on health service function may be significant but is not known. The aim of this study was to quantify to what extent admission rates and surgery has changed at health facilities providing such care in Sierra Leone during the time of the Ebola epidemic. Methods: Weekly data on facility inpatient admissions and surgery from admission and surgical theatre register books were retrospectively retrieved during September and October. 21 Community Health Officers enrolled in a surgical task-shifting program personally visited the facilities. The study period was January 6 (week 2) to October 12, (week 41) 2014. Results: Data was retrieved from 40 out of 55 facilities. A total of 62,257[…] [Published in AidNews – Read the original article] ..more
Source: Pulitzer CenterCountry: Sierra Leone ERIKA CHECK HAYDEN Fatima Kamara survived Ebola. Now she cares for children as a nurse at an Ebola treatment centre in Kenema, Sierra Leone. But Kamara’s neighbours are wary of her, despite her bill of good health. Some call her home the “Ebola compound’ and avoid taking water from her well. Read the full article […] [Published in AidNews – Read the original article] ..more
Pakistan has executed four more Islamist militants since lifting a six-year moratorium on executions following a Taliban attack on a school that left nearly 150 people dead. The four convicted prisoners were hanged Sunday at a prison in the eastern city of Faisalabad for their role in a plot to assassinate former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in 2003. The four militants were identified as Ghulam Sarwar, Rashid Tipu, Zubair Ahmed and Akhlaq Ahmed, a Russian national. Two… […] [Published in AidNews – Read the original article] ..more
The radio announcement is chilling and blunt: “If I die, I want the deaths to stop with me.”Dr Desmond Williams continues: “I want to give my family the permission to request a safe and dignified, medical burial for me.” […] [Published in AidNews – Read the original article] Tweet this..more
Source: Al JazeeraCountry: Sierra Leone, Somalia African Union blocks troops rotation over Ebola fears, forcing Sierra Leone to withdraw its 850 soldiers from Somalia. Sierra Leone is withdrawing its troops from Somalia after the African Union blocked the West African country from rotating its soldiers over fears for the Ebola virus. Sierra Leone sent 850 troops to Somalia for a 12-month deployment to fight the al-Qaeda-linked rebel group, al-Shabab, in Somalia in 2013. Their rotation was delayed after a group of 800 soldiers, who were waiting to replace their comrades in Somalia, were quarantined after one of the soldiers was tested positive for Ebola. read the full story here […] [Published in AidNews – Read the original article] ..more
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